“If I come back to my intention & my intention comes from my heart, I am strong and at peace”



You are the healer. I help you to see you.

My work is varied and I work with a soulful approach in many different ways, offering healing treatments, courses and workshops.

I have been working in the wellbeing field for 30 years as a Global practitioner (specialising in Asian philosophy and holistic energy balancing). By bringing the East to the West, I live every moment with total awareness of energy and how this affects our lives.

Many of us feel the deep need to reconnect and harmonize, but we lack the tools and clarity to move towards real healing and change at the core level.

Live the life you want to create. move towards achieving what is important to youNOW and in the FUTURE.

Sessions to support you in unblocking resistance, creating understanding with family members, work colleagues and friends.