I have created many healing treatments which resonate on a deep energetic level using high quality essential oils which have their own vibrational energy to help bring you into alignment. I use immune boosting techniques and other synergistic methods individually designed for the client’s vibration and needs. 




A comprehensive treatment that helps the individual gain a greater understanding of themselves and acquire the tools needed to move forward in their lives. The goal is to empower the person on all levels and to create a unique programme which may include breathing techniques, affirmations and both morning and evening mindfulness practices. We will discuss the Ancient teachings about balancing the Four Bodies: The Mind, the Emotions, the Physical, and the Spiritual. You will uncover and shed old patterns in order to achieve a greater understanding and awareness of yourself. Then you will receive chakra / meridian healing to help you to cleanse and release unnecessary vibrations, a Third Eye Awakening anointing, and Body Metamorphosis work to uplift and enlighten you. This holistic approach aids in nurturing insights that allow you to ascend to a higher level of wellbeing. Through direct communication with the soul and tuning to the wisdom of spirit, Dorinda will help you to see clearly where the root of disharmony, imbalance or disconnection lies. Drawing on an incredible wealth of healing experience, the blockages and imbalances, which often lie deep within our beings, are gently brought to light so they can be acknowledged and released. Using the amplifying healing energy of light, the aura is cleansed and re-balanced before being infused with the pure, radiant energy of Spirit. Journey Of The Soul is an incredible journey within, to discover your innate source of light, peace and joy, bringing new depths of harmony and wellness to the eternal being, which is you.

120 MINS - $250 /  90 MINS - $200 /  60 MINS - $150



To be mindful and to meditate is having the awareness of the present moment. In other words, The ART OF BEING PRESENT.  Mindfulness is the practice of life, bringing benefits to us and to those around us by cultivating a sense of calm, relaxation, self-esteem and self-acceptance. It increases our working memory and ability to plan and organize. It increases the quality of our sleep and our ability to orient our attention.  You will taken through exercises to create your own practice.

45 MINS - $100



A developed signature meridian energy treatment with a blend of nervous system therapy using light touch and body listening. Body Metamorphosis is a combination of many modalities that removes stagnant, dis-eased energy and creates harmony and flow. Trapped emotions and energy blocks that have been held from life’s challenges are released. Just walk in, lie down, and by the time you walk out, you will feel so light and centered, and everything will be in perfect perspective. 

50 MINS - $150



The foundation of this session is to understand the life lessons and our inherent strengths and weaknesses through a deep intuitive approach to what many consider a science. I offer guidance in relationships with family and career and what we are here to teach each other. This benefits families and partnerships by fostering a fuller knowledge and therefore greater acceptance.  It helps parents to guide children in the direction which enhances their talents and gifts and offer alternatives when faced with resistance.  Please inform me of your exact time and place of birth when booking so that I may draw up a chart to be ready on the day.

50 MINS - $180 - Also available via Skype



Sometimes we are looking for guidance and confirmation for a specific question. This session is about getting the Clarity you are seeking. We will look at a Card layoutof Angels and Animals. I will receive messages from the Universe and your Higher Self to assist you.

60 MINS - $150 - Also available via Skype