Crystals have long been used to balance and heal in many traditional cultures. The more you understand about crystals, the more effective they are. Taking them from being simple yet beautiful, decorative items to being powerful healing tools, protectors and teachers. Each crystal resonates and vibrates in its own unique pattern and by learning how to tune into and work with the individual energies of different crystals, you can use them to heal and balance yourself and your environment.




The Crystals I course uses a set of 7 specific crystals which align with each of the chakras. It teaches how to care for crystals, cleaning and energizing them and also how to program them. You learn how to use them in everyday life and for chakra alignment. Your own set of chakra crystals is included in the course.

5 hours over 2 days - $550



The Crystals II course follows on from Crystal I, teaching you about other crystals specific for healing the energy bodies and auric field. You learn how to use these crystals to heal the physical, mental and emotional energy bodies on yourself and others.

5 hours over 2 days - $650



Crystals III deepens your acquired and intuitive knowledge of crystal healing. It teaches you how to align the energy bodies and balance the chakras to bring about greater health and harmony on all levels of being. You learn how to remove negative or dark energies and replace them with light.

5 hours over 2 days - $700