Dorinda has the exceptional ability to see through the clouds and pinpoint what is really going on. She remains fearless in the face of pain and is strong, kind and unwaivering in her commitment to helping people find their mental, physical and spiritual pathway. Dorinda sees the bigger picture in everything and this is what makes her advice and guidance so special. Her words stay with you permanently and continue to help, heal and guide you long after your last interaction. She is truly one in a million.
— claire daniels

I would like to say thank you to Stephen Kirwin for introducing me to Dorinda. At first, I wasn’t sure this will work, but the first five sessions with Dorinda was fantastic. I have been grieving for so long because of my late husband’s death. It wasn’t easy to cope at such a young age and young married life. So, my first three sessions I witnessed a tremendous improvement in my life especially my relationship with my son, because at the moment of my husband’s death, I shut off all my feelings / my heart and I won’t let anyone to come in, not even my own son. Apart from, grieving, trauma and depression,
the most heartbreaking things happened, not letting my son’s love into my own heart.  Dorinda helped me through the grieving process and letting go, and the best of all, I am able to open up my heart again .  I have a fantastic relationship with my little one and people around me.  And now, I am trying to improve every single aspects of my life. I can firmly say this is the best investment I ever make in my life. I am happy and thankful to universe for bringing me to this angel.
— Astadilla Houweling

Dorinda teaches us how to love; something which should come so naturally to us, but which is often forgotten. When we can re-learn how to love - our self, our life, our world and the other people who share it with us - we are able to re-connect with that inner vitality, health and joy which is so natural to us. For anyone working in the healing professions, training with Dorinda gives you the tools to work from a place of love, connection, clarity and creativity, lifting your ability to catalyze healing in yourself and others in ways that you never before realized were possible. I feel grateful for being able to receive much of my early training with Dorinda, thereby allowing me to build a strong, loving and empowered foundation upon which to develop as a healer and teacher.
— Christina Keawwantha

You only ever meet someone like Dorinda Rose Berry once in a lifetime. And when you do, and I would urge you to do it sooner rather than later, you should prepare yourself for something very special. Dorinda is an harmonic, instinctive, intuitive woman who has a wealth of talents which, if you let her, can change your life forever. I am naturally sceptical of anything to do with ‘the inner self’, ‘higher beings’ and the like, but within ten minutes of meeting Dorinda, my scepticism had walked out of the door and gone sightseeing. Almost immediately, I was agreeing with her about the logical sensibilities of being in tune with my ‘higher being’. Dorinda was born in a military hospital in Fiji of mixed parentage. Her mother was Fijian and a strict catholic, and her father was an officer in the New Zealand Air Force. 
When she was five, her mother sent Dorinda to a Catholic convent boarding school in Auckland. Although her mother simply wanted to give her daughter a good education, Dorinda often wondered what she had done to deserve such a punishment. During her three years at boarding school, she realised she had a special ‘gift’, and began her quest to find out how people can better understand themselves. “I was already connecting with saints and angels, so I knew then that my life would be dedicated to understanding myself,” she said. When she was thirteen, Dorinda moved to The Sacred Heart Girls’ School, where she still remembers one of the nuns asking the class what they wanted to be when they grew up. “I wrote ‘to be loved and to love’,” she said. Dorinda has lived by this maxim ever since. At nineteen, she joined an Ashram where she studied Chakras and heat energy. But she needed to put her theories and thoughts into action, and she moved to Europe, where she had friends. She found herself working for the ladies-only Sanctuary Spa and the Art Deco Porchester Spa, both in London, where she developed alternative healing methods in the therapy rooms, and she began leaving her mark on the places and people she touched. She believes spas are not just pampering houses, but places where the complete being is treated. This belief has taken her around the world, and she has set up a chain of successful spas, while learning an array of healing styles from many different cultures and from people of very diverse
— Phuket Local News

Dorinda is an amazing high energy healer, whose heart extends so much into you when she is working with you.  She has so many life coaching gifts that she has matured over the years.  She knows intuitively what tools to use with you as she tunes into your current need of support. When I first met her in Phuket Thailand in 2009, I thought ‘who is this woman with such a grand smile and compassionate eyes! ‘ We become instant friends. Dorinda used to open Roseberry Healing Center to a core group of about 12 people  and we would gather on Thursday nights. We would first share a pot luck meal together and then delve into our spiritual work with each other.  She never charged us for these special times and she was a gracious host as well as someone who guided us almost every time with a beautiful visualization or meditation. I would highly recommend Dorinda if you are seeking a Life Coach who has a heart of gold and wants the best for you.  She is a great manifester and can help you with your dreams of manifestation too!
— Denise Bertrand

Dorinda reached out to me as a friend sometime ago,  and I still draw on the healing practice that she introduced me to.  She invited me into her angelic sphere of positivity and joy and showed me the power of  letting go, of living in the moment and of self love and belief in my own potential.  Dorinda, your kind and powerful words still resonate with me. I am filled with gratitude and happiness. Thank you,  dear Friend.
— Katya Clark England

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dorinda in a professional and personal nature for three years. I have worked with Dorinda in my position as a class teacher at Phuket International Academy Day School and as a Principal of Gecko International School in Phuket, Thailand. Dorinda worked at Phuket Academy and Gecko School on a weekly basis. The children looked forward to her sessions with enthusiasm. Throughout her sessions Dorinda covered areas of meditation, energy, crystals, the healing qualities of colour, spirit animals, self healing and connecting to the earth while encouraging the children to discuss their own feelings and emotions.
Dorinda has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children. Her ability to connect with our students and her talent at teaching mindful concepts is truly superior. She has excellent communication skills, is extremely organised and reliable. Dorinda’s mindfulness and social emotional learning lessons benefitted not only the students but also the staff of the school. Her teachings had a knock on effect into the classroom and playground. She taught us all how to be grounded, to build a sense of self worth and how to deal with empathy, conflict and regulate our emotions. Dorinda would be a tremendous asset to any organisation as she truly has a special gift of awareness and energy. She is without a doubt the most mindful person I have ever met and is a great loss to our Gecko School community.
— Celi Harper

When we first moved to Phuket it did not take many weeks before I heard of and met Dorinda. Famous on the Island she was the one to heal souls and help you find your path and focus on the things that matters most. Not as easy as it sounds. Booked my Journey For the Soul; and it was a revelation, getting to know Dorinda through getting to know me better I don’t know how but it made everything make sense. I received a feeling of a simpler life where it is easy to find happiness. I still feel it though it was 6 years ago. Following that I wanted to do more, Dorinda trained me in Reiki healing and I received my Diploma. My husband is the one who mostly benefits from the energy from my hands, and I use it every day. Astrology was the next, and Dorinda drew up our whole family planet positions and how it effects our personalities and in it’s turn the family. I think it made me more patient, and accepting other family members different personalities. For example my husband and I love change and became expats, forcing our whole family to adopt to a new culture and continent, even language. But our children are both less adventurous and prefer less change in life.  It humbles me I put them through moving to Thailand from Sweden. Running a company I sometimes run into situations where I do not know how to, or need help in encouraging people to change, or opening to communicate with people they might not particularly want to share things with. To find trust. Together with Dorinda we did a great teambuilding session where she worked with simple methods and in a joyful way made us connect and open up to each other. It smoothed our work process and we had a lot of fun in the process. I can highly recommend Dorindas sessions, she is especially gifted in helping you accept and heal yourself and can help you find a way to feel good inside. Now that she works in New Zealand, I really miss her as a friend but I just need to think about her, and her good energy comes back to me.
— Katarina MD

I met Dorinda 10 years ago and she has been my guiding angel ever since.  You can’t describe what a session is like with Dorinda as it is intuitive healing at that moment when you are with her.  She always gave me guidance, put me on track and left me with homework to do, mainly affirmations.  The experience was uplifting, calming and loving.  Dorinda has an ability to tap into your psyche. At the same time I met her for my healing, I ordered a set of soul oils and ever since then I can not go a day without my soul oils, whether as a spray in my car or room, in my hair, on my body.  They have become a part of me and wherever I go, people are enchanted with the aroma.  Over the years the blends have changed but that is because i have changed.  Dorinda goes into a deep meditation to know what oils to blend.  I have also given soul oils to many many friends as gifts over the years who Dorinda has never met, but I give her their name.  She has blended an oil every time that is on point and has absolutely wowed my friends. This is a remarkable woman and I have been blessed to have her as my friend and intuitive healer over the years.  Even though she is located in another country, the healing sessions continue through skype and phone calls.
— Jeanette Skelton MD

I met Dorinda way way back in 2008, on the island of Phuket. I was invited to join a group of like minded people who met on a Thursday evening, for support and inspiration. It was at one of these meetings I got talking with Nikorn, Dorinda’s husband and he got me into the Usui REIKI practice way. I started REIKI Level 1 with Nikorn and I have never looked back. Through Nikorn I was able to learn so much at level one, I now wanted more.
So through regular practice sessions at Roseberry Dorinda asked me if I would like to attend a Crystal Workshop she was holding. I responded with a yes. The crystal workshop was opening my eyes as to so much more the universe was revealing to me.
This was about the time I started REIKI Level 2 with Dorinda. I then went deeper and deeper into Crystal therapy, crystal healing, Shamanic Healing, Aura Healing and Diagnosis. Then came the serious work. Journey of the Soul, Body Transformation and Past Life Regression. By this stage after many years of fine tuning under the guidance of Dorinda, Dorinda felt I was on the right road to go onto and get the Attunements for REIKI Level 3 Master and Instructor.
( I personally feel that one does not become a REIKI Master overnight and this position has to be worked at very diligently over the course of many, many years.)
— Graham MacMillan

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