Lightbeams is a tailor-made program of healing and self-development, taught in an intensive, one-on-one course. This is a living, evolving training course which can incorporate any of the tools which Dorinda specializes in; Light Emerge, Mind Detox, Meditation, Affirmation Transformation, The Art Of Forgiveness, Communication Through Angels, Shamanic Journeying, Cycle of the Soul, Crystal Healing, Karmic Release, Language of Light, Animal and Nature Healing, Past Lives, Tibetan Energy Balancing, Spiritual Guidance, Reiki, Mediumship.

Each Lightbeams course is unique to that particular individual as Dorinda intuits which healing modalities and tools are most appropriate to the healing and spiritual growth of that individual, an investment into the self. Each Lightbeams course, at all levels, involves an intense period of learning and growth led by Dorinda, involving an investment of much time and energy in addition to one-on-one training. Following the completion of the basic training, an extended time of mentored practice and development continues until you have acquired the necessary skill and confidence to fully incorporate your learnings into your everyday life.




The focus of Lightbeams I is self-development. It gives us the skills and insight to heal the wounds of the past, both of this life and others, and gives us the clarity and confidence to embrace the self and the experiences which lie behind and ahead of us. It allows us to step purposefully into our future with joy and wisdom, leaving self-doubt, fear and regret behind.

6 hours one-on-one training over 3 days + approx. 10 hours of self-development ‘homework’ and practical training - $1000



Lightbeams II follows on from Lightbeams I for those who are drawn towards a profession in healing others. Expanding on the skills and techniques of the specific modalities which were acquired through Lightbeams I, Lightbeams II gives you the training necessary to use those healing modalities on others as a professional healer. Through the training and guidance of Dorinda, the healings which you give to others will become a unique healing session which incorporates your individual and innate healing talents. No two Lightbeam trainings or healing are the same and each Lightbeams Healer has their own techniques and skills. It involves many hours of mentored practice of each of the modalities taught until you have gained sufficient skill and maturity both in the techniques of your healing sessions and in conveying your insights, advice and guidance to those you are healing.

6 hours one-on-one training over 3 days + approx. 20 hours of self-development ‘homework’ and practical training - $2000



Lightbeams III takes the professional healer who has studied through the Lightbeams II course to the level of Teacher Trainer. It imparts the skills, techniques and knowledge to become a Lightbeams Teacher, allowing you to teach your own unique style of healing to others. It involves a period of ‘work experience’  in order to build the confidence, skills and knowledge necessary to be a Lightbeams Teacher.

6 hours one-on-one training over 3 days + a period of mentored ‘work experience’, with follow up sessions and continued guidance - $3000