One on one Coaching at its Best. Lets get to the Core of it and release repeating patterns and everything that is holding you back. Create your vision and plan to manifest your goals. From a place of deep love and clarity, Dorinda will counsel and empower you towards embracing your authentic self, to live your life from a place of empowerment and joy and fun. Many of us feel the deep need to reconnect and harmonize, but we lack the tools and clarity to move towards real healing and change at the core level. By identifying your next step and giving you the practical life tools and exercises to move towards it in concrete and loving ways, Dorinda will help you to set up and integrate new agreements with yourself which enable you to bring balance, health and joy back into those areas of your life which are most important to you.



Live the life you want to create. We work together to help you take charge of designing a new blueprint for your life with personally structured one on one life coaching. These self-development sessions work with the information that you bring to help you achieve your hopes and dreams. By using a constantly evolving and structured mentoring approach, I will support you in making positive adjustments to help you get where you want to be. Start this impactful journey to an empowered, more balanced you and move towards achieving what is important to you NOW and in the FUTURE.


Your goals and issues will be as individual as you are. They may be small or large, many or one, preventing you from where you want to get to in your life. We will start by working together to develop a clear vision, uncovering restrictive challenges and patterns that may be blocking your path forward.

Goals Include:

·    Career

·    Family

·    Home

·    Finance

·    Friends

·    Activities


Issues Include:

·    Stress

·    Insomnia

·    Depression

·    Panic Attacks

·    Anxiety Disorders

·    Addiction

·    Confidence Building

·    Sports Performance

Sessions are individual “one on one” and are also available for family or corporate groups* 

GROUP  - 1 session - $250 

*For corporate, groups and families, to get everyone aligned, connected and working together on issues or upcoming projects. This session will support you in unblocking resistance, creating understanding with family members, work colleagues and friends 

FOUNDATION - 5 sessions - $950

METAMORPHOSIS - 3 months / weekly sessions - $1,900

MOMENTUM - 6 months / weekly sessions - $3,200

CREATION - 12 months / weekly sessions - $5,150

(sessions are 30 min. via Skype or Messenger)